The Internet Troll As The Trickster Archetype

Gli archetipi, proprio perchè sono archetipi, informano e pervadono le opere dell'umano ingegno, che siano l'Iliade o IPI poco importa. Il post che linko, e che mi trova perfettamente daccordo, mostra come il trickster, malandrino, si sia infiltrato anche nel mondo di USENET e dei forum prendendo la forma di troll.

“The troll comes to the door of a new forum and sets down his bag of tricks. If he has a grudge against the people inside discussing and debating their passions with a certain degree of amicability, peacability and decorum, he does not show them. He has the cracked, stoic smile of Robin Goodfellow, a Puck with the simple desire to disrupt peace itself. He loves chaos; his bag is full of golden apples he can lob to set the masses squabbling. He has also many masks, smoke bombs, straw men, cloaks, puppets, matches, ethanol, knives, dust, sand, and magicks of the most arcane sort. He knows what he is about - causing trouble. Why? This is the troll’s darkest mystery - if any one knew his secret, he would die. For all trolls, their motive power is this: without contraries, they cannot progress.” [LINK]

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