Cito da Charlie Stross un commento a questo post:

"G. Tingey, you know how big the average islamicist cell grows in the UK? 10 members. Not because they're enforcing need-to-know and deliberately keeping their cells small, but because that's how big they grow before one of their recruits shops them to the police in disgust.

Yes, they're a menace, but they're a minor menace as long as they lack a head and a nervous system. They can cause local casualties but they're not in a position to join up and wage an insurgency like the pIRA, unless we (meaning: you, me, the police, the government, everyone else) so alienate the ordinary non-radical muslims of the UK that they stop ratting out the head-cases.

In the long term, they're doomed, anyway. It's very much rarer for the child of mainstream atheists to turn into a god-bothering fundy than it is for a god-bothering fundy's children to turn into assimilated atheists. As long as we provide a society that encourages social mobility and mixing and keeps religion (all religion) way the hell outside the public sphere, the pressure will stay on them. This, incidentally, is a good reason for opposing faith schools, bishops in the House of Lords, and that idiocy about citizenship and oaths of alliegance: anything that raises a barrier to them identifying with the rest of us is perilous in the long term (and that citizenship oath thing? Makes me want to spit -- and I'm a third-generation child of immigrants who served in the military in both world wars)."